Meet&Match – Login for Airports

The JumpStart Meet&Match website allows you to create a “Wish List” of the airlines with whom you would like to meet.

Please login with your email address and the password that was sent to you. If you do not have your password to hand, enter your email address and press "Forgot Password" to have your password sent to you. If you need your login information resent, please contact JumpStart.

You will be taken through an initialization process in which you may:

  • Confirm your contact details
  • Provide the names of colleagues in attendance
  • Indicate your meeting availability

Please note that you are designated as the primary contact for JumpStart 2019 and you'll be the only person from your airport receiving emails from the JumpStart Meet&Match website.

If you are the new primary contact for your airport or a new airport wishing to attend JumpStart 2019, please contact JumpStart. We will create a new profile for you and send your login information via email.

You will be notified when you are able to search for meeting partners and create your "Wish List". After that, you may then revisit this site at any time to modify your Wish List and, closer to the date of the event, see your confirmed meetings and itinerary.